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Products Liability

Experienced Products Liability Lawyers in South San Francisco Assist Injured Clients

Our firm is dedicated to representing injured consumers

You use thousands of products every day without concern. That is because manufacturers owe you a duty to design and produce safe products. If a manufacturer breaches that duty and you are injured by their product, you deserve compensation. The Law Offices of K.J. Petsas, PC has represented injured consumers for 40 years. We handle negligence, strict liability and breach of warranty product defect claims throughout the entire South San Francisco Bay Area

What is products liability?

Products liability is a type of personal injury recovery in which the designer, manufacturer or vender of a product is held liable for defects in the product. A defective product may be food, medication, electronics, automobiles, children’s toys, lawn equipment or other item you use at your home, at your office or on the road.

You may decide to file an individual lawsuit for injury caused by a single defective product or, if the defect is widespread throughout the market, a class action lawsuit may be warranted. When numerous people experience similar problems with a particular product, class action allows a large group of affected plaintiffs to pool resources, saving individuals time and cost. Most importantly, a class action may bolster the power of plaintiffs when fighting a large multinational corporation. Our lawyers advise you whether your claim is eligible for class action and if it is in your best interests to join a class or to file as an individual plaintiff.

You can recover for your injuries caused by dangerous product defects

Products liability is a complicated area of practice. First, we must determine whether you have a claim. Were you injured? Was that injury caused by a product defect? Is the plaintiff responsible for the defect?

Next, we must decide who is responsible for your injuries. We may sue one or multiple parties for:

  • Design defect — The design of the product was dangerously flawed.
  • Manufacturing defect — Something went wrong during the manufacturing process that created a defect.
  • Marketing defect — The vendor provided inadequate instructions or an improper warning or engaged in negligent or intentional false advertising.

Finally, our personal injury attorney must evaluate under which legal theory to sue based upon the facts of your case. Typically, we bring a claim for negligence, strict liability or breach of implied or express warranty. Our decisions serve our two-pronged goal. Primarily, we seek to recover the maximum possible damages in your case. We also work hard to eliminate problems with consumer goods to prevent them causing injuries to others in the future.

Learn more about your consumer rights to safe products

Hold the manufacturer liable for injuries you sustained from a defective product. Call the Law Offices of K.J. Petsas, PC at 650-540-1170 or contact us online to schedule your free telephone consultation to discuss your case in detail. Our South San Francisco-based injury firm helps injured consumers throughout the Bay Area.

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