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Trusts and Estates

Experienced Attorney Handling Trust & Estate Matters in South San Francisco

Our lawyers guide you through sensitive estate dispute matters

Facing an estate dispute while you mourn the loss of your loved one can add to your grief and pain. The Law Offices of K.J. Petsas, PC can help you to successfully resolve disputes while treating everyone involved with compassion and respect and maintaining confidentiality. We have four decades of experience in trust and estate matters in the South San Francisco Bay Area and can effectively handle unique and contentious issues for you and your family.

Determined attorneys represent you in trust and estate matters

Disputes in trust and estate matters can be terribly emotional and disheartening. A dispute between family members or between a decedent’s favorite charity and loved ones is particularly hard when all are mourning the tragic loss. We recognize how sensitive these cases can be and are respectful of your wishes as we tailor our strategy specifically around the facts and circumstances of your case. For example, we may try to achieve a settlement so you can preserve a relationship with the family member contesting the will. However, we are your dogged advocates if fraud, undue influence or other misconduct is the basis for your claim.

Why you need an experienced estate planning attorney

Trusts, estates and probate are complex areas of law. The matters are especially complicated when difficult-to-value assets or assets located in other states are involved. Our attorneys can guide you through the probate process, including:

  • Accurately identifying and valuing assets
  • Handling complicated real estate title and mortgage matters
  • Obtaining expert opinions about hard-to-value rare assets and collectables
  • Contesting validity of the will or trust
  • Challenging claims by beneficiaries
  • Fighting inaccurate estate tax assessments
  • Overcoming creditor claims against the estate
  • Filing lawsuits on behalf of the estate or on your personal behalf

Our goal is always to put you in the best position possible while abiding by your wishes in regards to familial relationships and charitable organizations. We are skilled negotiators who know how to develop solutions that keep family relationships intact and reduce the level of stress associated with an estate dispute.

Call us to protect your rights in trust and estate matters

Are you planning your will or trust? Do you need assistance with probate? Do you have a dispute concerning a trust and estate matter? Call the Law Offices of K.J. Petsas, PC at 650-540-1170 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case in detail. Our South San Francisco law firm represents trust and estate clients throughout the Bay Area.

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