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Family Wealth Transfers

Experienced South San Francisco Attorney Handling Matters Involving Family Wealth Transfers

Our firm can protect your assets during your life and upon your death

A successful wealth management plan protects your assets during your life and transfers as much of your wealth to your beneficiaries as possible. A comprehensive wealth transfer plan generally employs a number of crucial estate planning, trust, business formation, gifting and taxation tools that reflect your financial circumstances and objectives. Drawing on our 40 years of experience, our South San Francisco Bay Area law firm, the Law Offices of K.J. Petsas, PC, can assist you in developing an effective wealth transfer plan.

Maximize your family wealth transfers

After you have worked hard all your life to provide for your family, your wealth should continue to support them throughout your lifetime and after your death. Our firm evaluates your particular circumstances to devise a successful family wealth transfer strategy that might include:

  • Drafting trusts accounts to protect your assets for future generations
  • Transferring your assets into a business partnership or LLC
  • Maximizing charitable giving that is tax deductible and minimizes estate tax liability
  • Giving inter vivos gifts to your loved ones that satisfy IRS criteria

Our lawyers meet with you regularly to review your wealth transfer strategies and revise your plan when appropriate. We may also meet with your spouse, adult children and other parties who play a role in asset management or have a stake in the family wealth plan.

Reap the benefits of using the attorney

You want the best for your family and work hard to provide for them emotionally and financially. Your estate plan reflects your desire to protect your family’s interests far into the future. Our law firm helps you to make a plan that preserves the value of your assets for your family. Our goals in the estate planning process are to:

  • Arrange for an effective leadership succession plan for your family-owned business
  • Reduce your personal and business tax liability during your lifetime
  • Minimize the amount of federal and state taxes for which your estate is liable
  • Maintain the value of high level assets, including real estate, securities and art
  • Ensure your assets pass to your intended beneficiaries
  • Prevent family disputes over assets and inheritances during the probate process
  • Defend your estate against creditors who may make a claim on your personal debts

Our attorneys develop a personalized plan tailored to your specific needs. By putting your affairs in order, you get the peace of mind of knowing that your family will be cared for and your intentions met upon your death.

Learn more about wealth transfer strategies that can benefit you and your family

To create a comprehensive wealth strategy plan, call the Law Offices of K.J. Petsas, PC at 650-540-1170 or contact us online. Your first consultation with our estate planning lawyer is free. Our South San Francisco law firm serves clients throughout the Bay Area.

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