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Truck Accidents

Experienced Lawyers in South San Francisco Providing Counsel on Trucking Accident Cases

Our firm helps motor vehicle crash victims recover maximum possible damages

The Law Offices of K.J. Petsas, PC has four decades of experience in recovering for auto accident and truck crash claims throughout the South San Francisco Bay Area. Our legal team jumps into immediate action to preserve evidence and to protect your rights. For example, we may file for an emergency injunction to prevent dismantling or “repair” of the tractor-trailer that was involved in your accident. We may also demand that electronic evidence be maintained. These steps help us to go after both the big trucking corporations and the at-fault driver that caused your injuries.

We investigate how your trucking accident occurred and who is liable

Because of the heavy weight and large size of a truck, accidents involving a semi are often devastating to the occupants of the smaller, lighter vehicle. A collision with an 18-wheeler can result in permanent catastrophic injuries or death. You may lose a loved one in the accident or never be able to work to your full capacity afterwards.

Sadly, with so much at stake, the trucking industry often puts profits ahead of safety. Most trucking accidents could be avoided if it were not for negligence or recklessness:

Hours of service violations — Drivers are prohibited from working beyond the regulatory hours of service. Despite federal HOS regulations, many trucking corporations demand that their truckers drive excessive hours and may even give a bonus to a truck driver who delivers loads ahead of schedule. The resulting truck driver fatigue is one of the top accident risks in the industry.

Poor training — Operating a big rig requires extensive skill, experience and training. Employers often cut costs by putting untrained and poorly vetted drivers on the road.

Texting while driving — Distracted driving is dangerous for any driver, but is especially risky for those operating commercial vehicles. Yet, employers may require their drivers to respond immediately to their supervisors or dispatchers. In addition, truckers may irresponsibly surf the net, talk on the phone or text to pass the time during long haul trips.

Our firm pursues maximum compensation available to trucking accident victims

Our law firm pursues the maximum possible damages for the victims of 18-wheelers. If your loved one was killed in an accident with a truck driver, we can represent your family in a wrongful death claim. Depending upon your individual circumstances, our firm may recover damages for:

  • Current medical bills
  • Future medical care
  • Lost wages and profits
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Physical pain
  • Disabilities
  • Mental anguish and suffering
  • Wrongful death

Truck accident claims often involve multiple defendants and insurance companies. Our personal injury attorneys may name the driver, the driver’s employer, the company that owns the truck and the company whose goods were being transported. Our goal is to make you whole after your accident.

Recover damages after a truck accident

Hold the trucking company and driver responsible for injuries you sustained in a truck crash. Call the Law Offices of K.J. Petsas, PC at 650-540-1170 or contact us online to schedule your free telephone consultation. Our South San Francisco-based personal injury law firm handles claims throughout the Bay Area.

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