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Trusted Mediation Attorneys in South San Francisco

Our law firm delivers compassionate, experienced representation during divorce mediation

Divorce does not always have to be contentious. Mediation offers an effective alternative to divorce litigation. The Law Offices of K.J. Petsas, PC may recommend mediation in your case to save you the expense, time and stress that are inevitably part of divorce litigation. We have been assisting clients throughout the South San Francisco Bay Area with divorce for four decades. We provide skilled, strategic counsel to help you reach the best results in your divorce. We work hard to provide you with the practical assistance and the compassionate understanding you need during the mediation process.

We can resolve all major divorce matters through mediation

Mediation is an effective method of reaching an equitable divorce settlement. During the mediation process, a certified mediator listens to each party’s goals and concerns and identifies common ground. Then, during a series of negotiating sessions, the mediator guides you toward equitable compromise on matters in dispute. Upon conclusion of mediation, you both sign an agreement that includes all terms involving:

  • Distribution of assets
  • Allocation of debts
  • Child custody arrangements
  • Child support
  • Parenting time
  • Spousal support
  • Rights to retirement funds
  • Division of the marital home

Our attorneys prepare you ahead of time and remain by your side during mediation. We then present your consent agreement to the court to finalize your divorce. Throughout the process, we protect your rights and, if you have children, always act in their best interests.

Mediation has numerous benefits over divorce litigation

Mediation has several advantages compared to litigation. If we feel that you can benefit from the process, we recommend mediation to:

  • Reduce costs — The costs of settling a divorce outside of litigation are substantially lower than those involved in taking your divorce to trial.
  • Expedite the process — We can schedule your mediation quickly, while you would typically wait for months to get on the court’s busy calendar for trial.
  • Minimize stress — The contentious atmosphere of the courtroom is more stressful than the less formal environment of the mediation room.
  • Give you control — You, not the judge, make the decisions about your assets and children.
  • Keep terms confidential — The mediator and lawyers have a duty to keep mediation proceedings confidential.
  • Set the foundation for parental cooperation — Parents develop a foundation for cooperation, putting their children’s best interests first.

Often, mediation allows you both to avoid making any court appearances. A neutral party intervenes to help you come to an agreement on important issues so you don’t have to endure long, expensive and stressful litigation.

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Call the Law Offices of K.J. Petsas, PC at 650-540-1170 or contact us online for a free consultation. Our South San Francisco law firm serves clients throughout the Bay Area. We offer individualized attention and experienced divorce representation.

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